Friday, April 4, 2008

Colorado City, TX

Yesterday we drove into 'Smalltown,' Texas - Colorado City, population 4281. Since I've always lived in the 'burbs', I've wondered if I would like living in a small town. How would it feel to have everybody know you and everything about you? I guess it's just something you have to experience first hand. As we went around town today, it crossed my mind that the townspeople were thinking, "Who are they and why are they here?" However everyone we talked to just couldn't have been nicer.

We're parked along Lone Wolf Creek in a very nice city park for free!!! A gentleman stopped by and suggested we hook up to the electric nearby, but we said we were happy to just have a place to park. Besides if we hooked up, I would feel like a moocher.

This morning about 10:00, we went to check out the town. We saw the sites and stopped at the dollar store, grocery store, gas station, and Alco (which is like Big Lots) and were home by noon. I must confess that we skipped their major attraction - the Heart of West Texas Museum which looked pretty nice from the outside.

In the Kiwanis Park, is the Branding Wall with more than 230 current or former cattle brands from around the county. I thought that was pretty cool.

In the same park was this quaint cupola on the pavilion.

And I did see my first bluebonnets. You might think they look just like lupine, and you'd be right.

Since this is Friday which is Ron's fish fry day, we went out for dinner. There are several fast food places near the interstate, but not a lot in the way of restaurants. We finally found family-owned Dandy's Diner in the heart of old downtown. It was very good, but no fish. To compensate, Ron went fishing this evening, but said he just caught 'weed bass.'


  1. Well, Barb, I grew up in one of those little towns where everyone knew everyone else and I don't remember us ever being suspicious of strangers! Mostly we were friendly and didn't even wonder what they were doing there, we knew it was a nice place to be.

    Hugs, Sharon

  2. Love the wall with all the brands on it. Reminds me of cowboys. Of course, everything in Texas reminds me of cowboys.... :-))