Saturday, April 26, 2008

DeGray Lake

Yesterday was our last day at Shouse Ford (not a car dealer, but a campground) on DeGray Lake. Our WIN host Susan actually lives nearby in Hot Springs, so she has really given us a taste of the area. We saw the sights, kayaked, hiked, ate out, and yesterday she even arranged for a boat ride on the lake. Her son-in-law came by with his gorgeous boat and was kind enough to take us out. And even better, from Ron's point of view, he got to do a little fishing.

Captain John prepares to get underway while Ron anticipates catching the big one.

Here is our fearless leader Susan demonstrating proper fishing technique.

As you can see, Ron is happiest when he's fishing.

Since I forgot my camera, these pictures were taken by Priscilla and/or Tom, who have better memories.

Hats off to John for taking us on this great ride and Susan for arranging it. Here's the whole group except for Susan who took the picture.

Today Ron and I moved to the campground in Hot Springs National Park. This is one of those 'good news, bad news' situations. I love staying in the parks, but the reason we're here is because Ron needs a dentist. Susan gave us a lead on a good dentist and we'll be calling tomorrow.

Although he still hasn't caught anything in Arkansas, he is not discouraged. The locals say the fish bite more when the water is lower. Here's to a dry spell.


  1. Sounds like a fishy story to me!!

  2. Didn't we have fun. Great photos!!! Love you blog.

  3. Ron sure does look like he's having a great time!