Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Odessa, TX

From professional rodeo to community theater and museums, Odessa has a lot to offer the visitor. For the politically minded, it is the childhood home of George W. Bush and has the only museum in the U.S. dedicated solely to the office of the President. Today we decided to see a few of the other attractions.

Odessa is the site of the second largest meteor crater in the United States. The Odessa Crater is 550 feet across and was originally 100 feet deep. Wind (and we've certainly experienced that!) has filled it up over the centuries until it is now almost level with the surrounding area. It was still interesting, but impossible for pictures. However what really impressed us was the museum. They had an amazing collection of meteorites from all over the world and lots of interesting information. We recommend it highly and it was free! (donations accepted)

Then we went on a hunt to find the World's Largest Jackrabbit! After all, who could resist that?

It seems Odessa has had a long association with jackrabbits. Most notably, it was the site of the first jackrabbit rodeo. I'll let you read the sign yourself - it is just too funny!

Just like the Chicago cows and Albuquerque horses, in 2004, Odessa conducted a 'hare-raising event' to raise money for public art projects and college scholarships. I loved running all over town looking for these, but I'm not too sure about Ron. The first two are Uncle Sam Rabbit and Li'l Lionesses & Friends, then Hop to the Beat of the Basin - both sides, Gentle Jack (all dressed up for Spring) and Patchwork Rabbit.

And to complete our day, we went to see the Stonehenge replica on the campus of the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

When I first saw it, I thought it had been a victim of vandalism, but it is a replica of how Stonehenge appears now, not originally.

In size, it is identical to the original horizontally, but vertically it is 70 percent of the height.


  1. If you're going to go through the trouble of building a replica of Stonehenge, why not make it the whole 100%? :)

    Tell Ron I like the rabbit pictures. I'll have to show them to Mara, she really like them.

  2. I like the rabbits too, but that sign is absolutely hysterical!

  3. wow...i loved in odessa in the late 80's the rabbits are new to me but cool...h-town has "art cows" and amarillo has horses