Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bagby Hot Springs

About 45 minutes south of Estacada, Oregon, is the most elaborate natural hot springs setup I have ever seen. After missing a turn and taking the scenic route up a mountain, I made a note of the coordinates to post here. But, wouldn't you know, I lost that paper. It's about 45 minutes southeast of Estacada, mostly down 224. Ask in town for better directions.

Oregon towns seem to love murals which is nice because I do too. Estacada had some vivid ones. I liked this Shakespearean based one.

And this lovely Oregon scene. (The clouds are real, not part of the painting.)

Then it was off to Bagby Hot Springs.

The beautiful 1 1/2 mile trail is through an old growth forest.

With some super-constructed bridges.

The hot (very hot) water comes from this tiny spring and runs through a log trough . .

Into private log tubs like this one or round group tubs. If the water is too hot, buckets are available to use for fetching cold water from a nearby source.

As you can see, there are plenty of big logs to use for construction.

Now, I am not actually a fan of hot springs. Not only do I not enjoy sitting in very hot water, all I can think about is 'bacteria.' I know, I'm pathetic. But Bagby is worth visiting for the lovely hike and the amazing construction that has been done there as a cooperative effort of the locals and the forest service. Check it out if you're ever in the area, just not on a weekend like we did. Estacada is southeast of Portland.


  1. I'm not a fan of hot springs either. Publicly shared bathtubs gross me out. Good that you had hiking, scenery and murals tho.

  2. Not a fan of hot springs either. Love murals and seek them out where I know they have them. That second one is nicely situated and painted to take advantage of the natural skyline.

  3. Hot springs make my skin wrinkle. It's wrinkling enough on its own, I don't need a soak in a hot spring to speed up the process! ;c)

  4. I like hot springs for a While then its time to get out...That looks like a great one to visit.