Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick Stop

While we were in Oregon, we wanted to buy new tires for the RV (no sales tax.) Since we were about to leave this wonderful state, we realized it was now or never. Please note, during the economic downturn in 08-09, we did our part to help by buying a house. With the recent crisis, we bought tires, which were almost as much as a house. Ron called places in the Portland area and we settled on six Continental tires (which are made in the U.S., thereby saving someone's job for a day.) We stopped for one night at the Gresham Elks and were happy to participate in their taco night. Yum.

Even though we were there for a purpose, we still just had to take the scenic drive along the Columbia River. The viewpoint was a little disappointing with an overcast sky.

But the waterfalls were spectacular. This is Bridal Veil Falls. (I wonder how many waterfalls are named Bridal Veil or Bridalveil.)

Multnomah Falls is the most famous of the Columbia gorge waterfalls and I promise is the last Oregon waterfall I will post. Depending on who you believe, it's either 611 or 620 feet tall. Either way, it's quite a sight.

I took this of a picture in the visitors center. I don't think I would have stood on that rickety looking bridge.

"What is Ron doing?" you may ask.

Just trying to obey the sign.


  1. I dread to think how much those tyres cost, still think of all the more miles you can do and all the adventures you'll have. What a strange sign?

  2. Please throw garbage backwards??? I don't get it...

  3. Your help in keeping the economy growing is greatly appreciated ... we're trying to hold up our end here :-)) That sign is hilarious; I take it they meant towards the back of the dumpster.

  4. I have made the drive along the Columbia river gorge several times and I am always amazed at how beautiful it is. The water falls are gorgeous but it seems that you stop every few miles to see one.

  5. What a funny sign! I can imagine some bored worker putting it up there just to see what the confused discarders do. Looks like Ron has excellent form. :)

  6. Good call, buying tires in OR. Love no sales tax states. And that person whose job you saved is grateful...

    I drove my Multnoma Falls twice and didn't have time to stop. Going to correct that when we finally hit the road FT.

    And, as ususal, Ron impressed us again with his many talents. :c)

  7. I don't get that sign at all...

  8. Dang, I'm glad someone is traveling and having fun! I'm back at school for my "swan song." I retire 07/01/12! :-)

  9. Well I missed this post I had to work late the past couple of days..I cant wait to stand in that very spot in front of that falls!! It looks fabulous!!! Glad you did your part and bought American!!
    I dont get it either throw garbage backwards?