Sunday, October 9, 2016

National Public Lands Day

We happened to be at Abiquiu Lake on National Public Lands Day so we volunteered to pitch in with a cleanup.  What a blast!  We had a choice of trail maintenance, litter cleanup around the day use area, or cleanup along the shoreline which involved a boat ride.  Are you kidding?  Is there any choice?  I'd never pass up a boat ride!  Ron, on the other hand, stayed on dry land.

Here are the lake employees all set to ferry us to the other side.

Pedernal Mountain is visible from anywhere on the lake.

Here's one of my fellow volunteers as we approach our first cleanup site.

All done.  And lest you think we just putt-putted across the lake, here's proof that wasn't the case.

We got a nice, free lunch out of the deal and were introduced to a couple of critters brought from the New Mexico Wildlife Center.  Here's an elegant red-tailed hawk.

The bull snake was very attractive, but I still didn't touch it.

We were finished by 2 pm, so Ron and I took a drive up the Rio Chama Valley.

To Christ of the Desert Monastery.

What a pretty setting!

One final picture of Rio Chama.

And now you know how far behind I am because Public Lands Day was September 24th.


  1. How funny. We stayed at Abiquiu Lake in Sept 2010. They were giving a free night at the campground if you volunteered for trash pickup on Public Lands Day. We had other plans but I felt bad saying no, until the camp host said they already had 200 people signed up.

  2. Nice that you volunteered for NPLD. Lots of fun doing some work that keeps our parks looking good! :c)

  3. Thank you for your Volunteer service! Im even farther behind now since we didn't have electric for 3 days after the today Im trying to catch up on reading my fav blogs.